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The purpose of this paper is to connect two critical aspects of nano-composite materials engineering. The nano-elements considered here derive from the class of high aspect ratio nematic polymers, either rod-like or platelet spheroids. First, the overall electrical properties of polymer nano-composites are well approximated by the effective electrical(More)
A rigorous multiscale method is presented for modeling the dynamics of fiber-reinforced composite structures using the peridynamic formulation. The multiscale analysis delivers a new multiscale numerical method that captures the dynamics at structural length scales while at the same time is capable of resolving the dynamics at the length scales of the fiber(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol consumption is often reported to decrease with ageing. We investigated alcohol consumption and drinking patterns in an ageing population-based male sample during an 11-year follow-up period. METHODS This study with baseline and two follow-up examinations (at 4 and 11 years) included 1516 randomly selected participants, aged 42, 48, 54(More)
Homogenization theory and the assessment of extreme field values in composites with random microstructure Robert Lipton 1 Abstract. Suitable macroscopic quantities are identified and used to assess the field distribution within a composite specimen of finite size with random mi-crostructure. Composites made of N anisotropic dielectric materials are(More)
Heat conduction in a ne scale mixture of two conductors is examined in the presence of a contact resistance between phases. The problem is studied rigorously in the context of periodic homogenization. Unlike the case of perfect heat transmission between phases, the temperature elds studied here may converge weakly in L 2 to the homogenized temperature. The(More)
We introduce asymptotic expansions for recovering the local field behavior inside multiscale composite architectures in the presence of residual stress. The theory applies to zones containing abrupt changes in the composite microgeometry. This includes the interfaces between plies inside fiber reinforced laminates. The asymptotic expansions are used to(More)
MMS features research articles that focus on the fundamental modeling and computational principles underlying various multiscale methods. Multiscale modeling is highly interdisciplinary, with developments occurring independently across fields. Research papers and survey articles that augment the fundamental ways we model and predict multiscale phenomena are(More)