Robert Lindermeier

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Like in every process model, agile processes (e.g. Scrum, eXtreme Programming) depend on accurate estimations to enable meaningful prioritization, iteration- and release planning. The emphasis of this paper is on "Planning Poker", a widely used estimation technique in agile context. The goal is to identify inaccurate effort estimates to enable more precise(More)
The use of software tools has become a common practice in global software engineering to handle requirements and to exchange project status amongst distributed teams and stakeholders. In context of agile software development the replacement of paper-based media (e.g. Task Board) with software tools results in heavily decreased collaboration and transparency(More)
In this paper we describe a PhD research plan which focuses on the problem of insular thinking in distributed software development projects and its implications. The objective is to break up insular thinking in distributed agile software development through the targeted application of different media. The result of this work will be a model for distributed(More)
The use of agile methodologies is quite common in distributed software development. To facilitate sharing of project relevant information across distributed agile teams, project-management-tools (e.g. Jira, Youtrack) are commonly used. Literature and practice show drawbacks in teamwork and communication when those mainly browser-based tools are used instead(More)
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