Robert Leitch

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Software developers and project managers often have to assess the quality of software design. A commonly adopted hypothesis is that a good design should cost less to maintain than a poor design. In this paper, we propose a model for quantifying the quality of a design from a maintainability perspective. Based on this model, we propose a novel strategy for(More)
Software maintenance teams are often faced with the challenge of adapting a system's architecture in response to problem reports as well as new functional requirements. More often than not, these maintenance objectives can be accomplished either through the addition of alternative, " patching " components, or by re-factoring the original architecture. The(More)
Purpose To investigate the adverse event (AE) rates associated with natural health product (NHP) use, prescription drug use and concurrent NHPs-drug use through active surveillance in community pharmacies in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Methods Participating pharmacists and pharmacy technicians screened consecutive individuals picking up(More)
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