Robert Lefavi

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This study assesses the effects of daily beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation on muscular strength (bench press, squats, and power cleans) and body composition (body weight and body fat) among collegiate football players undergoing a strenuous exercise program. Subjects were collegiate football players (n = 35) training under the(More)
Despite little objective support, heel-raise exercises are commonly performed using varying foot positions in an attempt to alter medial (MG) and lateral (LG) gastrocnemius involvement. This investigation compared MG and LG activation during the concentric phase (CP) and eccentric phase (EP) of the heel-raise exercise using neutral (NE), internally rotated(More)
Research continues to confirm that sharing one's life story through the process of life review enhances psychological well-being and increases life satisfaction. Although researchers have outlined techniques and activities that may be used in life review with older adults, little work has focused on the use of life review methods with terminally ill(More)
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