Robert Leeper

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The paper advocates the use of structured programming techniques in designing and developing assembly language programs. It presents schemata for implementing the major constructs of structured programs in IBM 370 Assembly language. These include the extensive use of equates for defining labels and the use of indentation to illustrate logical dependencies(More)
This paper presents a method of design for projects in computer courses that tends to enable all students in the class to achieve their maximum potential. Each project is structured at three progressive levels of difficulty corresponding to three prospective grades A, B, and C. The B-level is an extension of the C-level and the A-level is an extension of(More)
This paper describes a second database course whose emphasis is on the design and implementation of a computer system using relational database methods with Ingres. This particular course was unique in several ways. Although the team concept was utilized each member of a team was assigned a specific part of the overall project to complete. Furthermore, each(More)
This paper reports the results of a study conducted to measure the effects of the introduction of a pre-eurrieular computer course for certain prospective Computer Technology students at IPFW. The paper discusses certain screening techniques used to allow admission to the regular computer curriculum. The paper also compares the grades in the first computer(More)
The Curriculum Advisory Committee of the School of Engineering, Technology and Nursing at IPFW requested a survey of the computer resources in the community. Following are reasons cited:<list><item>To aid in the design of curriculum in degree programs that better reflect the needs of the community. </item><item>To identify topics of specific courses,(More)
Several factors indicate the need for a programming course to be offered for selected students prior to their entering the beginning course in the CS curriculum (assuming the first course is the equivalent of CS 1 of ACM's Curriculum '78). There is evidence that attrition in the first course at many colleges is high. The precurricular course tends to affect(More)
This study is to determine the personality types of the Computer Science majors and to investigate whether there is correlation between success or failure in the Computer Science Program and specific personality types. Personality types were defined by C. G. Jung [1] and further articulated by Myers [2], Briggs and others. According to the theory an(More)