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OBJECTIVE To create and validate a model that predicts length of hospital unit stay. DESIGN Ex post facto. Seventy-four independent admission variables in 15 general categories were utilized to predict possible stays of 1 to 20 days. SETTING Laboratory. SAMPLE Records of patients discharged from a post-coronary care unit in early 1993. RESULTS An(More)
Nationally, the number of female prison inmates--although small compared with the number of male inmates--is on the upswing. Since correctional facilities are legally mandated under the eighth amendment to provide inmates with their constitutional right to health care, innovative methods of delivering that care will have to be devised within a current(More)
The purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to (1) examine differences in baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes toward persons living with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (PLWAs) according to mode of transmission and (2) identify demographic and academic variables influencing baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes toward PLWAs.(More)
Using stigma theory described by Goffman (1963), a descriptive correlational study was conducted to identify factors that influence nursing students' attitudes toward persons living with AIDS (PLWAs). Two hundred ten baccalaureate nursing students completed a three-part questionnaire consisting of a demographic data sheet, AIDS Knowledge Scale (AKS), and(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare AIDS knowledge and attitudes of baccalaureate nursing students living in a state with a high prevalence of AIDS and those who resided in a state with a low prevalence of AIDS. Students from the high-prevalence state had significantly higher AIDS knowledge scores than did students from the low-prevalence state.(More)
Liquid mixing scale-up in pharmaceutical industry has often been based on empirical approach in spite of tremendous understanding of liquid mixing scale-up in engineering fields. In this work, we attempt to provide a model-based approach to scale-up dissolution process from a 2 l lab-scale vessel to a 4,000 l scale vessel used in manufacturing.(More)
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