Robert Lang

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Artificial Intelligence is a vast research area, taking its basis from the natural world. Behind each of these research areas is a mathematical basis upon which a similarity between them may be found. Once this mathematical basis is found, it can be used to show why combining certain techniques yield better results than combining other and even show where(More)
We propose the design of a hearing aid device based on the wavelet transform. The fast wavelet transform is used to decompose speech into diierent frequency components. This paper presents the diiculties in the use of wavelet transforms for speech processing, and shows how the careful selection of wavelet coeecients can enable the four major categories of(More)
5 and Wim van Driel 6 ABSTRACT VIRGOHI21 is an H i source detected in the Virgo Cluster survey of Davies et al. (2004) which has a neutral hydrogen mass of 10 8 M ⊙ and a velocity width of ∆V 20 = 220 km s −1. From the Tully-Fisher relation, a galaxy with this velocity width would be expected to be 12th magnitude or brighter; however deep CCD imaging has(More)
The Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is a signal processing technique popularised by its results in data compression. Considerable work has been done in designing novel architectures to perform the DWT, including a systolic architecture designed by the authors, but little attention has been given to the inverse DWT which is needed in applications such as(More)
CONTEXT The mechanisms of action of PTH on bone in vivo remain incompletely understood. The objective of this investigation was to examine changes in serum levels of receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB ligand and osteoprotegerin (OPG) in primary hyperparathyroidism and their relationship to bone loss. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-nine patients with(More)
To gauge a contractor's process maturity (on individual programs), the Defense Contract Management Agency has applied the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model®. While being incrementally deployed this effort is already paying benefits to program offices, contractors, and the Department of Defense. The goal remains continuous process(More)
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