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Superpowers: The American Academic Elite
This paper examines the hiring practices of Ph.D. — granting political science programs in the United States. It finds that hiring is closely related to one's Ph.D. alma mater as a form onExpand
Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics
The events of the 2011 Arab Spring saw renewed hope for Arab Civil Society, at least in the eyes of Middle East observers. However, with the cases of Libya and Syria descending into civil war andExpand
Honor, Prestige, and the Academy: A Portrait of Political Science Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty in Ph.D.-Granting Institutions (2012-2013)
This paper submits the political science discipline to a Bourdieuian analysis. We focus on the placement of faculty at Ph.D.-granting institutions by Ph.D. alma mater. We find that as one’s prestigeExpand
The State as a Person?: Anthropomorphic Personification vs. Concrete Durational Being
In “The State as Person in International Theory,” Wendt explores the analysis and comparison of the classic unit of international relations to a human subject. In an unprecedented manner, Wendt takesExpand
Honor: A Phenomenology
Honor is a topic that has, after a long period of near neglect, received quite some attention over the past few years. Four examples of fairly recent books on honor are Kwame Anthony Appiah’s TheExpand
Placement Efficiency: an Alternative Ranking Metric for Graduate Schools
Placement efficiency measures the number of tenured and tenure-track placements of Ph.D.-graduates per tenured and tenure-track faculty at a given Ph.D.-granting institution. We believe that theExpand
Egypt's Three-Card Monte: The Arab Spring and Human Revolution
Panic over Egypt’s current use of democratic protest stems not from some anti-democratic nature of their process, but from its inherent disregard for structural authority that undermines allExpand
Pushing Up Ivies: Institutional Prestige and the Academic Caste System
This research explores the effects of faculty hiring and Ph.D. alma mater. We show that the Ivy League enjoys a significant benefit in placing candidates because of their inclusion in thatExpand
Weinstein's Methodology for Political Analysis
Weinstein’s method for political analysis begins with a critical moment, the specific situation and position in time and space that is actively being examined by the person who is doing theExpand
Beyond the Cake Model: Critical Intersectionality and the Relative Advantage of Disadvantage
Intersectionality came about as a critique of traditional, uniaxial studies of oppression. The initial wave argued that the intersection(s) of multiple axes of social construction create uniquelyExpand