Robert L. Welch

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For real time evaluation of a Bayesian network when there is not sufficient time to obtain an exact solution, a guaranteed response time, approximate solution is required. It is shovm that non traditional methods utilizing estimators based on an archive of trial solutions and genetic search can provide an approximate solution that is considerably superior(More)
This study demonstrated the effectiveness of a computer-delivered smoking cessation program for the worksite. 58 VA Medical Center employees were randomly assigned to a computer group (computerized nicotine fading and stop-smoking contest) or a contest-only group. In comparison with the contest-only group, the computer group had nonsignificantly higher(More)
A thread of viscous fluid falling onto a moving surface exhibits a spectacular variety of types of motion as the surface speed and nozzle height are varied. For modest nozzle heights, four clear regimes are observed. For large surface speed, the thread is dragged into a stretched centenary configuration which is confined to a plane. As the surface speed is(More)
Optical mapping of DNA provides large-scale genomic information that can be used to assemble contigs from next-generation sequencing, and to detect rearrangements between single cells. A recent optical mapping technique called denaturation mapping has the advantage of using physical principles rather than the action of enzymes to probe genomic structure.(More)
A.) to determine on a national scale the levels and trends of certain more commonly-used pesticide chemicals in the general population. Initially, this program was limited to the identification and measurement of chlorinated hydrocarbon residues in human adipose tissue and blood serum. The Michigan Department of Public Health has been one of several state(More)
Technologists who were abused as students unconsciously perpetuate abuse. If technologists will recognize the problem, counterproductive attitudes can be modified by improving their professional competencies. Our profession has a moral obligation to create a positive learning environment for our students.