Robert L. Volle

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  • R L Volle
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental…
  • 1967
Evaluation of Peripheral and Central Components of Action of Angiotensin on the Sympathetic Nervous System. B. G. ZIMMERMAN 1 Comparative Myocardial Depressant and Antiarrhythmic Properties of d-Propranolol, dl-Propranolol and Quinidine. WILLIAM W. PARMLEY AND EUGENE BRAUNWALD 11 Effects of Temperature and Ouabain on the Rate of Action of Calcium on Atrial(More)
The excitatory phase of the biphasic action on transmitter release of the neurotoxin, beta-bungarotoxin (beta-BuTX; 0.5 microgram ml-1), was studied on miniature end-plate potentials (MEPPs) at frog sciatic nerve-sartorius muscle junctions. The most common type of excitatory response was characterized by a continuous increase in MEPP frequency that reached(More)
In frog sartorius muscles, lobeline had no effect on resting membrane potentials but prevented depolarization of the fibers by nicotine. The blockade caused by lobeline was not antagonized by elevated concentrations of nicotine. Procedures that prevented depolarization of the fibers by nicotine had no effect on the anti-nicotinic effects of nicotine. It was(More)
In the endplates of rat phrenic nerve-diaphragm, application of the acetylcholine-like compound, carbachol, causes a marked increase in transmitter release, as measured electrophysiologically using miniature endplate potential frequency. Washing out of carbachol reverses the increase in frequency. The ability of carbachol to increase transmitter release is(More)