Robert L. Sims

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The observation of intimal hyperplasia at bypass graft anastomoses has suggested a potential interaction between local hemodynamics and vascular wall response. Wall shear has been particularly implicated because of its known effects upon the endothelium of normal vessels and, thus, was examined as to its possible role in the development of intimal(More)
We measured the manganese content of whole blood, plasma, platelets, mononucleated cells, polymorphonucleated cells, and erythrocytes. Platelets and blood cells were separated from whole blood by use of discontinuous gradients of colloidal polyvinylpyrrolidone-coated silica (Percoll), and their manganese content was measured by Zeeman graphite furnace(More)
The effect of severe zinc deficiency on the distribution of nine elements (potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese) in brain regions (olfactory lobes, right and left hippocampi, cerebellum and the rest of the brain) has been studied. After male rats (30 days old) were fed a zinc-deficient diet for 28 days, the(More)
PURPOSE Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) modulates new blood vessel development and growth and has been suggested as a potential therapeutic agent that could alleviate debilitating claudication in patients. The objective of this study was to determine whether controlled, local delivery of a low dose of VEGF from an osmotic pump could promote(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of three drugs (cilazapril, cyclosporine, and aspirin) in modulating the progression of intimal hyperplasia during short postoperative times in short-segment, autogenous vein bypass grafts in a canine model. The relative effects of the drugs on the progression of intimal hyperplasia were(More)
Wall shear has been widely implicated as a contributing factor in the development of intimal hyperplasia in the anastomoses of chronic arterial bypass grafts. Earlier studies have been restricted to either: (1) in vitro or computer simulation models detailing the complex hemodynamics within an anastomosis without corresponding biological responses, or (2)(More)
Residues from hydrocolloid dressings (HCDs) that originate from matrix disintegration and nonbiodegradability of the absorbent components, may cause deep-seated, unresolved inflammation in tissue that appears otherwise healed. The purpose of this study was to evaluate three new HCDs that were formulated with the goal of attenuating the inflammatory(More)
In this study, the author explores the relationship between conflicting ethical expectations for lying behavior and employee attitudes. In a sample of 140 full-time employees, the findings indicated that as the difference between formal codes of ethics and supervisor expectations for lying behavior increases, intentions to turnover and expressed feelings of(More)
Thiamin and/or riboflavin status have been assessed in rats simultaneously deprived of both vitamins and subsequently repleated with either one or the other in succession. Undernutrition in control rats was found to depress the activity of the erythrocyte enzymes (transketolase and glutathione reductase, respectively) used to assess status. On the other(More)
Flight tests recently completed at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center evaluated performance of a hydromechanically vectored axisymmetric nozzle onboard the F-15 ACTIVE. A flight-test technique whereby strain gages installed onto engine mounts provided for the direct measurement of thrust and vector forces has proven to be extremely valuable. Flow(More)