Robert L. Riley

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Senescent mice exhibit decreased numbers of pre-B cells in the bone marrow. Herein, we show that the molecules, lambda5 and VpreB, which comprise the surrogate light chain component of the pre-B cell receptor, are reduced in pro-B/early pre-B cells derived in vitro from the bone marrow of 18-27 months old BALB/c mice after stimulation with IL-7. Both(More)
68 monoclonal antibodies specific for the hemagglutinin (HA) of the influenza virus, PR8, were obtained from sIg- bone marrow B cell precursors stimulated in splenic fragment cultures. Reactivity pattern (RP) analysis demonstrated that these anti-HA antibody responses included at least 29 distinguishable clonotypes. Comparison of the specificities of(More)
Aging is accompanied by a marked decline in protective immune function. This loss of effective immunity is largely due to alterations in the T-cell compartment. There are major impairments in both the production of new T-cells within the thymus and in the functions of mature T-cells in peripheral lymphoid organs. The mechanism(s) underlying this age-related(More)
Algebraic combinatorics, with applications to Coxeter groups, number theory, and representation theory. Enumerative combinatorics, involving questions in Ehrhart theory, matrix theory, and graph theory. Applications to natural and social sciences. Mathematical art and popularization. Sought and received matching funds (∼$200,000) from the Queens College(More)
This work explores the feasibility of implementing a floating-point exponentiation unit on reconfigurable computing systems. A table-driven exponentiation unit was implemented using synthesizable VHDL. The hardware implementation was performed using the same methodology as Bui et. al. We first implemented the individual components required to perform the(More)
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