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The effects of changes in coronary blood flow and coronary artery pressure on left ventricular (LV) contractility were determined in 18 animals. Dogs on cardiopulmonary bypass provided isovolumetric LV contractions during controlled perfusion of the coronary circulation. Coronary venous efflux, myocardial oxygen consumption, peak LV pressure, LV dp/dt, and(More)
We studied the effect of cardiopulmonary bypass, transient acute coronary occlusion (2-5 minutes), prolonged coronary occlusion (> 60 minutes), and coronary reperfusion on the left ventricular diastolic pressure-volume curve, using an isovolumic working canine heart preparation in which heart rate, intraventricular volume, and aortic pressure were(More)
We examined the potential for laser irradiation of congenital heart defects, with the use of postmortem hearts and an argon ion laser with a flexible quartz fiber. Atrial septectomy was performed in five newborn hearts. Obstructive lesions were relieved by laser irradiation in valvular pulmonic and aortic stenosis, dysplastic pulmonary valve, pulmonary(More)