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Diurnal changes in percents of inorganic phosphorus in plasma were measured in three Holstein cows fitted with indwelling jugular catheters. Blood was sampled 34 times over 48 h. Changes of inorganic phosphorus of blood plasma appeared to be related to patterns of feed consumption. In a second experiment, effects of diet, season of calving, stage of(More)
A modified enzymatic method to measure processing effects and starch availability in steam-flaked sorghum grain (SFSG) was developed. To establish the method, experiments were conducted to determine the required enzyme concentration, color reagents, precipitants, sample particle size, shaking frequency and buffer pH. Glucose release at different incubation(More)
Steers (n = 156) finished on rhizoma peanut (Arachis glabrata Benth.)-tropical grass pasture in Florida and slaughtered at Central Packing, Center Hill were compared with steers (n = 152) finished on a concentrate diet in Texas and slaughtered at Excel, Plainview. Average daily gain during the growing and finishing periods was lower (P < .001) for(More)
The apparent affinities of various amino acids for the neutral amino acid transport system in rabbit ileum were determined by measuring the inhibition of L-methionine-(14)C influx across the brush border membrane. The apparent affinity was very low for compounds lacking an alpha-amino group, compounds with the alpha-hydrogen substituted by a methyl group,(More)
Influx of phenylalanine across the brush border of rabbit intestine is markedly reduced by treatment with 5 mM p-chloromercuriphenyl sulfonate (PCMBS). The effect is rapidly and completely reversed by dithiothreitol. Phenylalanine influx into PCMBS-treated tissue can be competitively inhibited by other neutral amino acids and follows saturation kinetics.(More)
The effects of dietary virginiamycin level on performance and liver abscesses in feedlot cattle were evaluated in seven dose-response studies. Steers and heifers were fed finishing diets ranging in energy content from 1.34 to 1.51 Mcal of NEg/kg of DM. In all studies, virginiamycin added to the diet improved average daily gain and(or) feed conversion, with(More)
Teleost fish experience passive osmotic water influx in fresh water (FW) and water outflux in salt water, which is normally compensated by water flow driven by active ion transport mechanisms. Euryhaline fish may also minimize osmotic energy demand by "behavioral osmoregulation", seeking a medium isotonic with their body fluids. Our goal was to evaluate the(More)
We have developed a flow-through method for measuring oxygen consumption in fish which allows continuous monitoring over periods of days with good accuracy. Our goal was to determine the changes in basal metabolic rate in estuarine fish as a function of salinity. We show that in Fundulus heteroclitus, the oxygen consumption drops by 50% during the first 12(More)
Lactating Hereford and Hereford X Angus cows, 2 to 6 yr old, and their calves were used in two trials to study the effects of energy intake on the postpartum interval (PPI) and the adequacy of the cow's milk production for calf growth. In trial 1, 23 cows were fed either 120 (high energy, HE) or 100% (adequate energy, AE) of National Research Council energy(More)