Robert L. Powers

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BACKGROUND Translational medicine requires the integration of knowledge using heterogeneous data from health care to the life sciences. Here, we describe a collaborative effort to produce a prototype Translational Medicine Knowledge Base (TMKB) capable of answering questions relating to clinical practice and pharmaceutical drug discovery. RESULTS We(More)
1. The receptive field properties of visual neurons in the retina of the catfish are studied by a white noise spatio-temporal stimulus. The spatial and temporal inputs of the stimulus are independent and lead to complete linear characterizations and local nonlinear characterizations of the neural response. 2. Horizontal cells, bipolar cells, and sustained(More)
Understanding how each individual's genetics and physiology influences pharmaceutical response is crucial to the realization of personalized medicine and the discovery and validation of pharmacogenomic biomarkers is key to its success. However, integration of genotype and phenotype knowledge in medical information systems remains a critical challenge. The(More)
Genetic testing for personalizing pharmacotherapy is bound to become an important part of clinical routine. To address associated issues with data management and quality, we are creating a semantic knowledge base for clinical pharmacogenetics. The knowledge base is made up of three components: an expressive ontology formalized in the Web Ontology Language(More)
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