Robert L. Martin

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OBJECTIVE Arhalofenate is a novel antiinflammatory uricosuric agent. The objective of this study was to evaluate its antiflare activity in patients with gout. METHODS This was a 12-week, randomized, double-blind, controlled phase IIb study. Eligible patients had had ≥3 flares of gout during the previous year, had discontinued urate-lowering therapy and(More)
Exposure of cardiac myocytes to oxidant stress has been implicated in the development of reperfusion arrhythmias. Studies on the effects of free radical generating systems on the fast sodium current have suggested an increase in a "window" current. The resulting increase in sodium influx has been hypothesized to cause an intracellular sodium load that(More)
In an attempt to better understand the impact that large mining shots will have on verifying compliance with the international, worldwide, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT, no nuclear explosion tests), a series of seismic and videographic experiments has been conducted during the past two years at the Black Thunder Coal Mine. Personnel from the mine and(More)
A previously unrecognized current that initially is not present and requires at least 25 min of intracellular access to develop can be found in approximately 75% of cardiac myocytes isolated from cat ventricle within 90 min after intracellular access is obtained with conventional suction patch pipette electrodes. We refer to this patch-duration-dependent(More)
The proliferation of open source 3D CAD and 3D printing software, coupled with the growing community of the Open Source Maker Movement, has created opportunities for anyone to participate in engineering-related activities. What does the Open Source Maker Movement mean for education, especially for engineering graphics? The Open Source Maker Movement offers(More)
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