Robert L. Ewing

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A combined spatialand temporal-domain wavelet shrinkage algorithm for video denoising is presented in this paper. The spatial-domain denoising technique is a selective wavelet shrinkage method which uses a two-threshold criteria to exploit the geometry of the wavelet subbands of each video frame, and each frame of the image sequence is spatially denoised(More)
A selective wavelet shrinkage algorithm for digital image denoising is presented. The performance of this method is an improvement upon other methods proposed in the literature and is algorithmically simple for large computational savings. The improved performance and computational speed of the proposed wavelet shrinkage algorithm is presented and(More)
Image registration is an essential step in many image processing applications that need visual information from multiple images for comparison, integration, or analysis. Recently, researchers have introduced image registration techniques using the log-polar transform (LPT) for its rotation and scale invariant properties. However, it suffers from nonuniform(More)
We present a novel visual tracking method for measuring the speed of a moving vehicle within a structured environment using stationary stereo cameras. In the proposed method, visual stereo tracking and motion estimation in 3-D are integrated within the framework of particle filtering. The visual tracking processes in the two views are coupled with each(More)
Goossens defined structural operational semantics for a subset of VHDL-87 and proved that the parallelism present in VHDL is benign. We extend this work to include VHDL-93 features such as shared variables and postponed processes that change the underlying semantic model. In the presence of shared variables, nondeterministic execution of VHDL-93 processes(More)
Unique designs for CMOS analog arithmetic circuits are presented which perform addition (V1 + V2), subtraction (V2−V1), add/invert−(V1+V2), and multiply (V1×V2). The circuit operation is based on the inherent square law of MOS transistor drain current when operating in the saturation region. Key features include: good linearity and accuracy, single ended(More)
Novel organic transistors utilizing acid/alkaline chemistry have been investigated for their unique device chemistry and customizability. The research presented here shows a multiphysics model for a polymerelectrolyte transistor (PET) simulated in COMSOL Multiphysics. Dynamic transient response and current-voltage characteristics are determined from(More)