Robert L. Drury

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The high expenditure of energy required for endogenous rewarming is one of the widely perceived disadvantages of torpor. However, recent evidence demonstrates that passive rewarming either by the increase of ambient temperature or by basking in the sun appears to be common in heterothermic birds and mammals. As it is presently unknown how radiant heat(More)
Marsupials, unlike placental mammals, are believed to be unable to increase heat production and thermal performance after cold-acclimation. It has been suggested that this may be because marsupials lack functional brown fat, a thermogenic tissue, which proliferates during cold-acclimation in many placentals. However, arid zone marsupials have to cope with(More)
Glassmakers monitoring a rolled plate process suffered discomfort from the high temperature environment. This was caused by the radiant heat emitted by the furnaces and associated equipment surrounding the glassmakers' working area, combined with a high air temperature. The glassmakers are responsible for monitoring the glass rolling machine to ensure that(More)
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