Robert L. Dressler

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Laeliinae are a neotropical orchid subtribe with approx. 1500 species in 50 genera. In this study, an attempt is made to assess generic alliances based on molecular phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequence data. METHODS Six DNA datasets were gathered: plastid trnL intron, trnL-F spacer, matK gene and trnK introns upstream and dowstream(More)
Sequences of the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer regions 1 & 2 (nrDNA ITS) including the intervening 5.8S region were analyzed cladistically for 43 individuals of 35 species ofScaphyglottis s.l. plus two outgroup taxa. Low levels of sequence divergence do not allow estimation of relationships among most clades, but the analyses indicate that(More)
New species ofBletia from Mexico are described and illustrated:B. concolor, B. similis, andB. urbana. The identity ofB. campanulata Llave & Lex. is discussed, andB. reflexa Lindl. is considered to be a distinct species. Several South American epithets are treated as synonyms ofB. campanulata. A key to the recognized species ofBletia is given.
Only two species are known of the Mexican and Central American genus Meiracyllium, both described by H. G. Reichenbach, Jr . They are small creeping epiphytes with short unifoliate secondary stems that are scarcely thickened, but bear very fleshy oblong or elliptic-oblong leaves. Though small, the flowers are conspicuous by their bright rose-purple color,(More)
The status of the genusEncyclia is reviewed, and this genus is compared withEpidendrum. As currently used,Epidendrum is a very heterogeneous assortment of species, resulting largely from the over-emphasis on certain “key characters.” If a greater emphasis is given to the internal coherence of the species groups within theEpidendrum alliance, about thirty(More)