Robert L. Devaney

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In this paper we consider both the dynamical and parameter planes for the complex exponential family Eλ(z) = λez where the parameter λ is complex. We show that there are infinitely many curves or “hairs” in the dynamical plane that contain points whose orbits underEλ tend to infinity and hence are in the Julia set. We also show that there are similar hairs(More)
In this paper we consider the family of rational maps of the complex plane given by z2 + λ z2 where λ is a complex parameter. We regard this family as a singular perturbation of the simple function z2. We show that, in any neighborhood of the origin in the parameter plane, there are infinitely many open sets of parameters for which the Julia sets of the(More)
distribution for interval censoring II and convolution models and finally a link with Wellner. He shows that the mean of the NPMLE in interval censoring is efficient via the information bound introduced by Wellner. As is customary in the DMV course, a detailed set of problems testing the reader’s mastery of the concepts and, more importantly, providing a(More)