Robert L. Budzinski

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An optimal unrealizable (in real time) virtual memory allocation algorithm DMIN is developed. OMIN has the following properties. A dynamic (time-varying) size of allocation is computed by DMIN to minimize the space-time product of physical memory aliocated to a task during execution. The algorithm is a function of one parameter R, the reactivation time-the(More)
could be a major step in VLSI technology. Its flexibility promises custom-design performance at off-the-shelf cost. Development of a highly programmable, restructur-able VLSI IC is an extremely important step toward effecting maximum impact of VLSI. Not only do pro-grammability and flexibility provide new creative opportunities for the system designer, they(More)
In this paper we compare the performance of virtual memory allocation algorithms. The primary measure of performance is the space-time product of primary memory occupancy, or space-time cost, used by a program during its execution. Using DMIN, an optimal dynamic aliocation algorithm, we compute the minimum space-time cost achievable for some benchmark(More)
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