Robert L Bridges

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We describe a method to estimate the scale errors in the horizontal angle encoder of a laser tracker in this paper. The method does not require expensive instrumentation such as a rotary stage or even a calibrated artifact. An uncalibrated but stable length is realized between two targets mounted on stands that are at tracker height. The tracker measures(More)
Market: " A product or group of products and a geographic area in which it is produced or sold such that a hypothetical profit-maximizing firm [a " hypothetical monopolist " ]… likely would impose at least a 'small but significant and nontransitory' increase in price … " (the " SSNIP test ") Relevant market: " A group of products and a geographic area that(More)
This article provides an overview of the political economy of federalism. The core of the article focuses on the classic Tiebout framework and its support for a decentralized federal system. However, the article goes beyond the Tiebout world in suggesting a framework that is expanded to take into account bargaining among governmental units. The article also(More)
A working group within the ISO TC 213 committee is developing a draft document [1] for evaluating the performance of laser trackers. The ASME B89.4.19 Standard [2] and the draft VDI/VDE 2617 part 10 [3] describe some useful tests that are incorporated into this new ISO document. But both the ASME and VDI/VDE documents also have some limitations. The new ISO(More)
or any of the other sponsoring agencies and organizations. Much of the information from which these preliminary results, findings and lessons learned were drawn was provided by speakers who volunteered their knowledge and expertise to the Task Force. We are grateful to them for their contributions to the future that sustainable preservation and access of(More)
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