Robert L. Bertini

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To address increasing traffic congestion and its associated consequences, traffic managers are turning to intelligent transportation management. The <i>latte</i> project is extending data stream technology to handle queries that combine live streams with large data archives, motivated by needs in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domain. In(More)
In this paper a new method for real time estimation of vehicular flows and densities on motorways is proposed. This method is based on fusing traffic counts with mobile phone counts. The procedure used for the estimation of traffic flow parameters is based on the hypothesis that " instrumented " vehicles can be counted on specific motorway sections and(More)
Travel time estimation is a critical ingredient for transportation management and traveler information—both infrastructure-based and in-vehicle. Infrastructure managers and operators are interested in estimating optimal freeway sensor density for new construction and retrofits. Focusing on freeway travel time estimation for display on roadside variable(More)
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