Robert L. Ashenhurst

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The need for education related to information systems in organizations is discussed, and a curriculum is proposed for graduate professional programs in universities, at the Master 's level. Material necessary for such programs is identified, and courses incorporating it are specified. Detailed course descriptions are presented, program organization(More)
Information modeling (also known as conceptual modeling or semantic data modeling) may be characterized as the formulation of a model in which information aspects of objective and subjective reality are presented (“the application”), independent of datasets and processes by which they may be realized (“the system”). A methodology for information modeling(More)
*For a discussion of switching functions, see Volume XXVII of the Annals of the Computation Laboratory of Harvard University--reference (1). transformation is basic in the application of counting techniques, and so is worth investigating in some detail. The transformation of the above example may be written xyz--~z,xy,. Table 1 is a list of the fundamental(More)
Unlike most computers, for which there is a formal distinction between "fixed-point" and "floating-point" numbers, the University of Chicago Maniac III computer handles all numbers in a single format (exponent and coefficient, with the coefficient in general not normalized). This permits several types of arithmetic to be defined, which differ in that(More)
It is unusual although not unheard of for the Editor-in-Chief of Communications to write an editorial to appear here. Under the recent regimen by which this President's Letter space has frequently been made available to one or another ACM functionary, I am pleased at the opportunity to offer information relevant to what may be termed "the great publications(More)
The evaluation of a function of one argument is a standard computational task. When an unnormalized number representation is used, it is appropriate that function evaluation to subject to certain “adjustment” criteria, defined independently of the computing method. In this paper some such criteria are developed, and their application described.(More)