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Term-Limit Logic: Paradigms and Paradoxes
The term-limit movement has drawn support from all quarters because members have been able to present term limitation as a "cure-all" reform. Yet term-limit proponents do not agree among themselvesExpand
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Beyond Malthusianism: Demography and Technology in John Stuart Mill's Stationary State
In his evaluation of the major social reform movements of his era, Mill chastised well-meaning reformers for their reluctance to elevate Malthusianism to a position of prominence in their efforts. HeExpand
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John Stuart Mill's Asian Parable
While certainly not the first to portray Asian civilizations as stagnant societies, John Stuart Mill was quite adept at using the concept of "Oriental despotism" to warn the West that it might sufferExpand
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J. S. Mill on Oriental Despotism, including its British Variant
European portraits of the great Asian states, China, India, and Persia, remained remarkably constant from the establishment of the Chinese silk trade in the first century B.C. until the religious andExpand
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