Robert Kroeger

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This work presents a general methodology for estimating the performance of an HPC workload when running on a future hardware architecture. Further, it demonstrates the methodology by estimating the performance of a significant scientific application -- the Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code (GTC) -- when executing on Sun's proposed next-generation petascale computer(More)
Intra- and inter-module dependencies can be a significant source of technical debt in the long-term software development, especially for large software with millions of lines of code. This paper designs and implements a precise and scalable tool that extracts code dependencies and their utilization for large C/C++ software projects. The tool extracts both(More)
Many techniques have been proposed to automatically recover software architectures from software implementations. A thorough comparison among the recovery techniques is needed to understand their effectiveness and applicability. This study improves on previous studies in two ways. First, we study the impact of leveraging more accurate symbol dependencies(More)
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