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The CD62P receptor and its soluble form sP-selectin is a marker of platelet (PLT) activation, and constitutes a ligand for CD24 antigen of neoplastic cells and tumor stroma components. The aim of the study was to evaluate the relationship dynamics of the percentage of CD62P+ platelets, the level of the receptor expression and the concentration of soluble(More)
UNLABELLED The key role of cathepsin D and B is intralysosomal digestion of used cellular proteins and other proteins that enter cells through endocytosis. Under pathological conditions like cancer formation and growth, cathepsins from lysosomes are released. The aim of the study was to determin of cathepsin D and B activities in serum of patients with(More)
The aims of the current study were (a) to analyze the differences in game performances of sitting volleyball athletes representing the different types of disabilities and (b) to assess whether the seated position vertical reach is one of the crucial factors in the game performance level of sitting volleyball athletes. One hundred male athletes from various(More)
Renal cell carcinoma accounts for 75% of renal neoplasms. Clear cell carcinoma is diagnosed in about 80% of the cases. Renal cell carcinoma most frequently metastasizes to the lungs (50-60%), lymph nodes (36%), bones (30-40%), liver (30-40%), and brain (5%). In other organs the metastasis changes are observed very rarely. Ovarian metastases are found in(More)
Chronic inflammation has long been linked to cancers with an infectious etiology. Subclinical intraprostatic inflammation is a frequent finding in prostatic specimens obtained during surgical procedures. Recent studies using biomolecular (amplification) methods showed that the incidence of cryptic bacterial infections of prostate gland may be(More)
Determination of cathepsin D (Cat D) concentration in serum and urine may be useful in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. The present study included 54 healthy patients and 68 patients with bladder cancer, confirmed by transurethral resection or cystectomy. Cat D concentration was determined using a surface plasmon resonance imaging biosensor. Cat D(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic adrenalectomy is the gold standard for the surgical treatment of benign adrenal masses. It is most commonly performed using the lateral transperitoneal approach (LTA) and the posterior retroperitoneal approach (PRA). The choice of the method depends on contraindications for a particular approach in an individual case and surgical(More)
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