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The infancy of a programming language can be a trying period for all involved. The developers of the language and the early followers are usually fiercely dedicated to demonstrating they they have achieved a major accomplishment. They become a vocal and adamant elite, willing to testify with evangelical fervor that they have finally discovered the Royal(More)
Arguably, model theory serves two main functions: (1) to explain the relationship between language and experience, and (2) to specify the notion of logical consequence. In this paper I shall propose the notion of`knowledge assimilation', the assimilation of new information into a knowledge base, as an alternative understanding of the way in which a(More)
We will define the notions of abstract theorem-proving graph, abstract theorem-proving problem g and search strategy E for g. These concepts generalize the usual tree (or graph) searching problem and admit Hart, Nilsson and Raphael (1968) and Pohl (1969) theories of heuristic search. In particular the admissibility and optimality theorems of Hart, Nilsson(More)
Production of official statistics frequently requires expert judgement to evaluate and reconcile data of unknown and varying quality from multiple and potentially conflicting sources. Shocks to the system and exceptional events may be difficult to incorporate in modelled estimates. Computational logic provides a methodology and tools for incorporating(More)
Many real world conflicts can be understood in terms of logical inconsistencies between goals. In this paper, I present an approach to conflict resolution that unifies logic, goal-reduction and condition-action rules in a cognitive model of intelligent agent. The approach uses goal hierarchies to reconcile goal conflicts by finding alternative, logically(More)
Couples in long-distance relationships (LDR) want to keep in touch, share emotions and feel connected despite the geographical distance. Current approaches to solve this problem include dedicated objects, common communication channels and mobile applications (apps). To combine the advantages of all three approaches, this paper introduces a hybrid approach(More)
Bone fusion can be achieved by one or more of three methods: in situ, onlay, and interbody fusion. Interbody implants provide the spine with the ability to bear an axial load. They function optimally when placed along the neutral axis and produce little, if any, significant bending moment. Interbody implants may be comprised of bone, non-bone materials such(More)