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We report on the results from the first six months of the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS). In order to search for optical transients with timescales of minutes to years, the CRTS analyses data from the Catalina Sky Survey which repeatedly covers twenty six thousand of square degrees on the sky. The CRTS provides a public stream of transients that(More)
Production of official statistics frequently requires expert judgement to evaluate and reconcile data of unknown and varying quality from multiple and potentially conflicting sources. Shocks to the system and exceptional events may be difficult to incorporate in modelled estimates. Computational logic provides a methodology and tools for incorporating(More)
This article discusses the controversial use of restraints with a persistently violent adolescent on a child and adolescent psychiatry unit. The authors present an individualized program that used a series of ambulatory restraints on a long-term basis and prophylactically to contain the aggression of a psychotic girl. Clozapine was used concomitantly to(More)
This study investigated the moderating effects of perceived prepubertal social support on the relationship between prepubertal childhood physical abuse and child abuse potential as well as on the relationship between a childhood history of abuse and conflict and depth in adult relationships. Three hundred and sixty-nine undergraduate men and women were(More)
In this paper we present Team Battle Quiz, a game that runs on publicly accessible screens and is played through the users' mobile phones. Our aim was to provide a game open for everyone that encourages participants to discuss and play together as a team. Our first user study demonstrated that the approach has the potential to elate the anonymous crowd to(More)
  • R Kowalski, F Sadri, L M Pereira, J J Alferes, J N Apar, Cio +4 others
  • 2007
Default theory for well founded semantics with explicit negation.down query evaluation for well-founded semantics with explicit negation. to the theory of example 10 has one expansion T = T 0 fBE fly; B Eflyg: The extra clause states that believing Eab is impossible, since it directly implies Eab; and in this way inhibits the otherwise inevitable addition(More)
0 = fx 0 a; y 0 bg I 1 = (ffx x 0 ; z z 0 g 0 =: 1 g; ;) 1 = fx a; z z 0 g Hence, the original constraint can be simplied to C 1 = f:s(a; z 0);r(a;z 0)g, which is easily refuted by looking up s(a,c 50) and disproving r(a,c 50). It should be quite obvious that the advantage of the additional exibility provided by our mechanism heavily depends on a good(More)
During a behaviour therapy training workshop, 15 postgraduate clinical psychology trainees were asked to assign 27 interpersonal therapeutic skills either to themselves and/or to the 'typical behaviour therapist'. The behaviour therapist's low ratings in therapeutic relationship skills is discussed, and the need for more research into the specific(More)
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