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The main goal of this research was to investigate the means of intelligent support for retrieval of web documents. We have proposed the architecture of the web tool system — Trillian, which discovers the interests of users without their interaction and uses them for autonomous searching of related web content. Discovered pages are suggested to the user. The(More)
Forward bias current–voltage characteristics (J D – V) were studied for both p – i – n ͑superstrate͒ and n – i – p ͑substrate͒ (a-SiC:H p)/(a-Si:H i) solar-cell structures having different p/i interface layers and different thickness i-layers. Contributions of the p/i interfaces to the J D – V characteristics were separated, and the dependence on the(More)
A self-aligned contact ETOXtrade flash memory process with W-gate capable of MLC operation is presented for the first time. Several key process elements were successfully integrated to achieve functional test structures. Significant cell area reduction can be realized using the SAC architecture by aggressive cell height scaling and thus this approach(More)
In studies of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) n – i – p solar cells fabricated by rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition ͑PECVD͒, we have found that the maximum open circuit voltage (V oc) is obtained by incorporating p-type doped Si:H layers that are protocrystalline in nature. Specifically, these optimum p layers are prepared by PECVD in the(More)
7 hyperactive children in a pilot study, and 15 hyperactive and 15 non-hyperactive control children in a later study, were assessed for salivation to lemon juice stimulation, reactive inhibition on an audio-vigilance task, and visual-motor maze errors. Hyperactive children were tested under stimulant drug and nondrug conditions and nonhyperactive children(More)
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