Robert Koehler

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The computed tomographic (CT) findings in 52 patients with histologically proved esophageal carcinoma were reviewed. In 30 of these patients, the CT findings were correlated with findings at surgery or autopsy. CT was found to be highly accurate in predicting tumor size and assessing invasion of the tracheobronchial tree and spread to the liver, adrenals,(More)
BACKGROUND Acute left-sided colonic obstruction is a surgical emergency whose management is controversial. Because experience using expandable metal stents for relief of this type of obstruction is limited, we evaluated their effectiveness, feasibility, safety, and outcome. METHODS Twenty-five patients with acute colorectal obstruction underwent placement(More)
BACKGROUND Intrasphincteric injection of botulinum toxin is a new treatment option for achalasia. AIMS To compare the immediate and long term efficacy of botulinum toxin with that of pneumatic dilatation. METHODS Symptomatic patients with achalasia were randomised to botulinum toxin (22 patients, median age 57 years) or pneumatic dilatation (20(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate the efficacy of expandable metal stents for colonic decompression in patients presenting with acute malignant obstruction and to describe the associated radiographic findings. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Using both fluoroscopic and endoscopic guidance, we placed expandable metal stents within the(More)
PURPOSE To describe the computed tomographic (CT) appearance of nodular hepatosplenic sarcoidosis and its association with stage with chest radiography and clinical status. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two patients (21 women, 11 men; aged 25-68 years) with nodular hepatosplenic sarcoidosis were evaluated. CT findings were described along with chest(More)
OBJECTIVE Monitoring of esophageal pH is widely held to be the most sensitive test for gastroesophageal reflux, but it is expensive and is not available in all centers. Controversy surrounds the role of barium studies in the detection of reflux despite years of experience with their use. We studied the efficacy of fluoroscopic detection of spontaneous and(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS No multicenter study has been reported evaluating the performance and interobserver variability of computerized tomographic colonography. The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of computerized tomographic colonography for detecting clinically important colorectal neoplasia (polyps >or=10 mm in diameter) in a multi-institutional(More)
Metallic stents are currently an established component of the endoluminal treatment of stenoses within the blood vessels, bile ducts, esophagus, trachea, and bronchi. With the development of newer stent designs and delivery systems and the general momentum toward minimally invasive therapies, metallic stent placement has expanded into the nonsurgical(More)
The relative efficacy of double- and single-contrast radiographs of the esophagus in the detection of esophagitis was compared with findings at esophagoscopy in 52 patients. The addition of double-contrast views to the examination increased the number of radiographic abnormalities seen and led to the radiographic detection of esophagitis in four patients in(More)
The authors analyzed the clinical and CT findings in 100 normal subjects and 31 patients with gastric disease to determine the significance of thickening of the gastric wall. Ninety per cent of the normal individuals had a wall thickness less than 1 cm with adequate distension of the lumen. Twenty-nine of the 31 patients with gastric disease (94%) had a(More)