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Prod24 DIFFERENCES his article reports the results of an empirical study of the impact of fourth generation languages (4GLs) on system development productivity relative to third generation languages (3GLs). Improving software development productivity has long heen a major objective of the information systems community, and the large number of technological(More)
  • Amy L. Cavalli, Joseph A. Ligutti, +4 authors Roger A. Sab
  • 2002
Sphingosine (SPH) is a naturally occurring signaling molecule thought to be responsible for the negative inotropic and cardiotoxic effects of the pro-inflammatory cytokine, TNFα. When subjected to hypoxia and acidosis, Langendorff perfused adult rabbit hearts generate SPH, and isolated adult rat cardiomyocytes released TNFα and SPH into the cell-conditioned(More)
End-user computing in organizations with different information systems strategies was studied to determine the nature and characteristics of user-developed applications, systems development practices, quality assurance methods, and policies and procedures for end-user development. The findings showed that the information systems strategies of the firms(More)
Outsourcing is becoming a more important way of providing Information System (I/S) services in organizations. Outsourcing relationships between a client and vendor which are long-lasting, involve coordinated client-vendor activity, and investment by both parties are known as partnerships. This paper proposes a model that can be used to analyze the forces(More)