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Historically, epidemiologic studies have reported a lower prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes in populations consuming large amounts of the n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFAs) found mainly in fish. Controlled clinical studies have shown that consumption of n-3 LC-PUFAs has cardioprotective effects in persons(More)
UNLABELLED Cardiology consultations are often requested by surgeons and anesthesiologists for patients with cardiovascular disease. There can be confusion, however, regarding both the reasons for a consultation and their effect on patient management. This study was designed to determine the attitudes of physicians toward preoperative cardiology(More)
We have determined if alfentanil could obtund the haemodynamic instability commonly seen at induction of anaesthesia with ketamine. Five groups of ASA I and II patients received ketamine 1 mg kg-1 i.v., preceded by saline (group 1) or alfentanil 10, 20, 30 or 40 micrograms kg-1 (groups 2-5, respectively). Heart rate (HR), mean arterial pressure (AP),(More)
PURPOSE Congenital long QT syndrome is characterized by a corrected QT interval of at least 440 msec on the electrocardiogram and has been associated with recurrent syncope, documented ventricular arrhythmia and sudden death. There have been numerous articles over the past 20 years describing isolated instances of surgical and anesthesia related(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly 20 years ago it was shown that patients are exposed to unnecessary preoperative testing that is both costly and has associated morbidity. To determine whether such unnecessary testing persists, we performed internal and external surveys to quantify the incidence of unnecessary preoperative testing and to identify strategies for reduction.(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to investigate the speed and accuracy of the inverse intubation procedure. TECHNIQUE The operator crouches or kneels over the patient, straddling the torso. The laryngoscope is held in the operator's right hand in an overhand fashion, inserted gently into the patient's mouth, and pulled up and caudad. When the(More)
Objective. We present a successful case of laparoscopic splenectomy for a massively enlarged spleen at 25 weeks of gestation for hairy cell leukemia in pregnancy in a woman with initial hemoglobin of 4.3 gm/dl and platelet count of 18,000/mm(3). Study Design. Case report. Results. This report provides an approach to management that may be applicable in(More)
A radiation field is made up of a tangle of particle tracks, from the primary particle and secondary and higher generation electron interactions, well isolated at low doses and with multiple intersections in cell nuclei at high doses. Low dose effects in multicellular systems are therefore the sum of individual track structures. Until we can state with(More)