Robert Karlsson

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—This paper presents experiences and results from a project task in power electronics for students at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, based on a flyback test board. The board is used in the course Power Electronic Devices and Applications. In the project task, the students design snubber circuits, improve the control of the output(More)
Major depression is nearly twice as prevalent in women compared to men. In bipolar disorder, depressive episodes have been reported to be more common amongst female patients. Furthermore, periods of depression often correlate with periods of hormonal fluctuations. A link between hormone signaling and these mood disorders has, therefore, been suggested to(More)
Mammographic density (MD) is a strong heritable and intermediate phenotype for breast cancer, but much of its genetic variation remains unexplained. We performed a large-scale genetic association study including 8,419 women of European ancestry to identify MD loci. Participants of three Swedish studies were genotyped on a custom Illumina iSelect genotyping(More)
Protein concentration data are required for understanding protein interactions and are a prerequisite for the determination of affinity and kinetic properties. It is vital for the judgment of protein quality and for monitoring the effect of therapeutic agents. Protein concentration values are typically obtained by comparison to a standard and derived from a(More)
  • Aysu Okbay, Bart M.L. Baselmans, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Patrick Turley, Michel G. Nivard, Mark Alan Fontana +174 others
  • 2016
Very few genetic variants have been associated with depression and neuroticism, likely because of limitations on sample size in previous studies. Subjective well-being, a phenotype that is genetically correlated with both of these traits, has not yet been studied with genome-wide data. We conducted genome-wide association studies of three phenotypes:(More)
Extraversion is a relatively stable and heritable personality trait associated with numerous psychosocial, lifestyle and health outcomes. Despite its substantial heritability, no genetic variants have been detected in previous genome-wide association (GWA) studies, which may be due to relatively small sample sizes of those studies. Here, we report on a(More)
The genetic background to bipolar disorder (BPD) has been attributed to different genetic and genomic risk factors. In the present study we hypothesized that inherited copy number variations (CNVs) contribute to susceptibility of BPD. We screened 637 BP-pedigrees from the NIMH Genetic Initiative and gave priority to 46 pedigrees. In this subsample we(More)
In order to further illuminate the potential role of dominant genetic variation in the "missing heritability" debate, we investigated the additive (narrow-sense heritability, h(2)) and dominant (δ(2)) genetic variance for 18 human complex traits. Within the same study base (10,682 Swedish twins), we calculated and compared the estimates from classic(More)
Survival in follicular lymphoma (FL) is highly variable, even within prognostic groups defined by tumor grade and the Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index. Studies suggest that germline single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) may hold prognostic information but further investigation is needed. We explored the association between SNPs and FL(More)