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and is made available as an electronic reprint with permission of SPIE. Single print or electronic copies for personal use only are allowed. Systematic or multiple reproduction, or distribution to multiple locations through an electronic listserver or other electronic means, or duplication of any material in this paper for a fee or for commercial purposes(More)
  • Robert Kaiser
  • 2009
The increasing complexity of embedded system software in combination with the frequent requirement for safety and/or security calls for a new approach towards embedded system software architecture. Similar to server systems, which have been struck by the problems of escalating software complexity years ago, virtualization could also prove useful in the(More)
Embedded systems have so far hardly been regarded as a viable target for virtualisation, although this would definitely make sense: Today, embedded systems are facing many of the same problems that once initiated the consolidation movement in the server world. It seems only logical to apply the technology that has worked so well for servers to embedded(More)
Within western security discourse, the threat posed by cyberwar has risen from a barely acknowledged concern to one of the greatest challenges confronting the West and the world in only a few short years. How did this happen so quickly, and what are the consequences for how security is performatively enacted? We argue that an event that occurred in 2007(More)
The computational power of embedded systems have increased steadily during the recent years. In contrast to former approaches which allowed at least one application per computational node the memory size and computational power of today allows to host more than one application per node. Often applications are delivered by suppliers as a whole including the(More)
Entropic Systems, Inc.'s enhanced particle removal process is a new technology that is being successfully applied to the cleaning of inertial guidance instrument parts. In this process, the part to be cleaned is contacted, under conditions of shear, with a solution of a high molecular weight fluorocarbon surfactant in an inert perfluorinated liquid. It is(More)
In this paper we develop a Real Time Optimization (RTO) strategy for a silicon reactor. The reactor dynamics are described using parabolic partial differential equations with countercurrent liquid, gas and solid flow with chemical reaction. The model equations are converted to a system of differential algebraic equations using the method of lines and(More)