Robert K.-Z. Tan

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The steady-state accommodation response to Snellen letters of different sizes was measured with a laser-Badal optometer. It was found that the accommodation response was least when viewing the 6/9 letter size for both monocular and binocular observation at 6 m and increased when the letter size got smaller or larger. The mean accommodation response for the(More)
Many modeling studies of supercoiled DNA are based on equilibrium structures from theoretical calculations or energy minimization. Since closed circular DNAs are flexible, it is possible that errors are introduced by calculating properties from a single minimum energy structure, rather than from a complete thermodynamic ensemble. We have investigated this(More)
Low-resolution molecular models can provide appropriate and efficient ways for studying large biomolecular systems such as the ribosome. We have developed computer codes that use the Yammp Under Python modeling package to assemble low-resolution force fields for RNA-protein complexes, and that connect these to the Amber molecular simulation package. This(More)
AUGUR is a program to predict, display and analyze the three-dimensional structure of B-DNA. The user can choose one of six models to predict the helical parameters of a given sequence. These parameters are then used to generate the coordinates of the DNA model in three-dimensional space (trajectory). The trajectory can be displayed and rotated on a(More)
The behavior of the accommodative system at rest was investigated following short- (5 min) and long-term (1 hr) accommodative stimuli of either 0.00 D or 3.00 D. The resting position of accommodation changed in the direction of the accommodative stimulus presented. After the 5 min stimulus, the resting position slowly returned toward the pre-stimulus level.(More)
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