Robert K. Thalhammer

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In recent years, internal laser probing techniques that exploit the electro-optical and the thermo-optical effects have been introduced. Space-resolved and time-resolved measurements of charge-carrier and temperature distributions in the interior of semiconductor samples have thus become possible. For a profound analysis and the optimization of these(More)
In Part I of this study [J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 20, 698 (2003)], we presented a physically rigorous model for simulating optical probing techniques. We now introduce the concept of virtual experiments as the fundamental strategy for analyzing the measurement techniques and for supporting the design of the experiments. Thus a theoretical study of parasitic(More)
The space- and time-resolved distributions of charge carriers and temperature in the interior of microstructured semiconductor devices have become accessible to measurement as a variety of internal laser probing techniques has been become available. For a comprehensive theoretical analysis of these novel characterization methods, a physically rigorous model(More)
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