Robert K. Parker

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Cholinergic neurons of the basal forebrain (BFCN) are selectively vulnerable in neurodegenerative disorders of the elderly, particularly in Alzheimer's disease (AD). We investigated age-related changes in the BFCN that may serve as a substrate for this vulnerability. We report a substantial and selective age-related loss of the calcium binding protein(More)
Certain geographically distinct areas of the world have very high rates of esophageal cancer (EC). Previous studies have identified western Kenya as a high risk area for EC with an unusual percentage of cases in subjects 30 years of age or younger. To better understand EC in these young patients, we abstracted available data on all 109 young patients(More)
Maryland, will feature an exciting technical program with up-to-date reports on new developments in plasma science and engineering. Information regarding abstract submittal, conference registration, hotel registration, and minicourse registration can all be found on the web site Plasma science covers a broad spectrum of topics and a(More)
Share feedback about the accessibility of this item. Abstract Bed rest often is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. However, bed rest results in profound deconditioning of the body. Bed rest reduces the hydrostatic pressure gradient within the cardiovascular system, reduces muscle force production, virtually eliminates compression on the(More)
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