Robert K. Mohn

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The continental shelf ecosystem on the Eastern Scotian Shelf (ESS) has experienced drastic changes. Once common top predators are a small fraction of their historical abundance, and much of the current community structure is now dominated by pelagic fishes and invertebrates. Embedded within this food web, Atlantic cod and gray seal populations have recently(More)
Measuring discharge data in sewer networks serves to optimize planning and operation processes of water management in the urban sewer system, treatment plants and rivers. The efficiency of a measuring campaign is strongly dependent on positioning of the measuring section in relation to nonuniformities in the system. This paper concentrates on combining(More)
A biological analogue based on a modulator allows one to use the techniques developed in communication theory to estimate how well the system transmits information and, conversely, how well one can estimate the controlling signal from the output. In previous works, the similarities between neural activity and a pulse-modulation scheme known as integral(More)
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