Robert K. Englund

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§1. The text published in this note (for images and full transliteration, see the CDLI entry texts/P218067.html) was brought to my attention by Jordan Love, Curatorial Assistant at the Worcester Art Museum <> in Worcester, MA. Ms. Love exhibited great patience in dealing with my several requests for better(More)
by its founder and director Hans Nissen in R. Englund and H. Nissen (2001):9-10. Primary contributors to the decipherment of the archaic (now generally called “proto-cuneiform”) texts include, beyond the original editors Falkenstein and Nissen, the following (in the order of their work on the archaic texts and on Late Uruk cylinder seal function and(More)
One of the less recognized attributes of the scholar honored in this volume is his lively interest in and appreciation of Near Eastern fauna; anyone who in his presence has mentioned some Iraqi creature will have with pleasure made this discovery. Pressed as he has been in past years both as author and as editor to see to publication hundreds of articles(More)
1) One character in this film, Natalie, runs a license plate supplied to her by the protagonist, Leonard Shelby. It turns out that the license belongs to Teddy, who is not the real John G, but the protagonist kills him anyway. The protagonist is searching for John G. because he was attacked by John G. and his brain was damaged. Directed by Christopher Nolan(More)
of the advancing civil rights movement in the United States that, in November of 2008, citizens of this country elected a black man to the offi ce of President. Barack Obama is not personally descended from African slaves; still his ascension to the highest elective US offi ce, despite the lingering liability of his skin color, represents a true benchmark(More)
* The following is an expanded version of a paper a.,:;vered at the 41st Rencontre assyria/a" gique internationale in Berlin on 6 July 1994. 1 The technological considerations made here owe much to the correspondence and to the collegial discussions in particular at the 1993 meeting of the Sumerian Agriculture Group in Wassenaar, Holland I have enjoyed with(More)
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