Robert K. Abbott

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Ivfanaging transactions with real-time requirements presents many new problems. In this paper we focus on two: How can we schedule transactions with deadlines? How do the real-time constraints affect concurrency control? We describe a new group of algorithms for scheduling real-time transactions which produce serialixable schedules. We present a model for(More)
Scheduling transactions with real-time requirements presents many new problems. In this paper we discuss solutions for two of these problems: what is a reasonable method for modeling real-time constraints for database transactions? Traditional hard real-time constraints (e.g., deadlines) may be too limited. May transactions have soft deadlines and a more(More)
Antitumor T cells either avoid or are inhibited in hypoxic and extracellular adenosine-rich tumor microenvironments (TMEs) by A2A adenosine receptors. This may limit further advances in cancer immunotherapy. There is a need for readily available and safe treatments that weaken the hypoxia-A2-adenosinergic immunosuppression in the TME. Recently, we reported(More)
Hypoxia-driven, A2A adenosine receptor (A2AR)-mediated (hypoxia-A2-adenosinergic), T-cell-autonomous immunosuppression was first recognized as critical and nonredundant in protecting normal tissues from inflammatory damage and autoimmunity. However, this immunosuppressive mechanism can be highjacked by bacteria and tumors to provide misguided protection for(More)
Intratumoral hypoxia and hypoxia inducible factor-1α (HIF-1-α)-dependent CD39/CD73 ectoenzymes may govern the accumulation of tumor-protecting extracellular adenosine and signaling through A2A adenosine receptors (A2AR) in tumor microenvironments (TME). Here, we explored the conceptually novel motivation to use supplemental oxygen as a treatment to inhibit(More)
Germinal centers (GCs) are anatomic sites where B cells undergo secondary diversification to produce high-affinity, class-switched Abs. We hypothesized that proliferating B cells in GCs create a hypoxic microenvironment that governs their further differentiation. Using molecular markers, we found GCs to be predominantly hypoxic. Compared to normoxia (21%(More)
Conventional databases are mainly characterized by their strict data consistency requirements. Database systems for real-time applications must satisfy timing constraints associated with transactions. In this paper a novel disk scheduling algorithm for real-time database system is proposed. The main objective of this paper is to initiate an enquiry in Disk(More)