Robert Joseph Israel

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It is widely believed that people who are congenitally limb-deficient or suffer a limb amputation at an early age do not experience phantom limbs. The present study reports on a sample of 125 people with missing limbs and documents phantom experiences in 41 individuals who were either born limb-deficient (n = 15) or underwent amputation before the age of 6(More)
A study was undertaken to determine whether solitary progesterone as says performed on serum samples obtained in the midluteal phase would provide the clinician with a convenient indicator that ovulation had occurred in that cycle. After a normal luteal-phase range was establish ed, single luteal-phase serum progesterone sampling was performed in 51(More)
We systematize the study of reflection positivity in statistical mechanical models, and thereby two techniques in the theory of phase transitions: the method of infrared bounds and the chessboard method of estimating contour probabilities in Peierls arguments. We illustrate the ideas by applying them to models with long range interactions in one and two(More)
Sixty-six patients who had the presumptive diagnosis of Asherman's syndrome underwent hysteroscopic evaluation and treatment. In 65 patients, hysteroscopy was performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. In all but five patients, complete lysis of adhesions was accomplished during the initial hysteroscopy. Uterine perforation occurred in two of(More)
Neuronal injury in ischemic stroke is partly mediated by cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. Although the antioxidant ascorbic acid (AA) or vitamin C does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB), its oxidized form, dehydroascorbic acid (DHA), enters the brain by means of facilitative transport. We hypothesized that i.v. DHA would improve outcome after(More)
Methylnaltrexone, a peripheral mu-opioid receptor antagonist with restricted ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, may relieve opioid-induced constipation (OIC) without reversing analgesia. A total of 154 patients with advanced illness and OIC enrolled in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, with optional open-label phases (up to 4(More)
Between April 1982 and April 1986, 91 patients underwent hysteroscopy for treatment of septate uteri. In 88 patients simultaneous laparoscopy was performed and one patient had a simultaneous laparotomy. Ninety procedures were performed on an outpatient basis with the patients under general anesthesia. The septum was incised with flexible scissors.(More)
Previous studies have shown that a single dose of methylnaltrexone, a unique peripheral opioid antagonist, reverses opioid-induced gut hypomotility in humans. Because repeated drug doses are likely to be needed to treat patients with opioid-induced or postsurgical bowel dysfunction, the authors have now examined the safety, pharmacological activity, and(More)
PSMA-VRP is a propagation defective, viral replicon vector system encoding PSMA under phase I evaluation for patients with castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer (CRPC). The product is derived from an attenuated strain of the alphavirus, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) virus, and incorporates multiple redundant safety features. In this first(More)
Thirty-eight infertile women conceived 43 times following treatment for intrauterine adhesions (IUA). Adhesions were classified as being minimal in 7 women, moderate in 20 others, and extensive in 11. All women underwent hysteroscopy with division of all adhesions utilizing miniature scissors and high-dose estrogen treatment for 2 months. In addition 35 of(More)