Robert Jonzon

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BACKGROUND National statistics have shown that only about 40% of asylum seekers actually attend the optional health assessment offered upon their arrival in Sweden, but the reasons for this have not been fully explored. Health assessments for newly arrived asylum seekers have become a regular practice in most EU countries, but what is performed, how it is(More)
Objectives: The objectives of the study was to describe how people who face partner violence against women, either as volunteers or as professionals in their everyday work, explain violence against women in intimate relationships and their suggestions for preventive activities. Methods: Twenty men and twenty women were strategically selected for five(More)
AIM This study explored professionals' and trusted community inhabitants' explanations of the violence between intimate partners and their suggestions for preventive activities. It was performed in a rural district in northern Vietnam. METHODS A total of 20 men and 20 women were strategically selected for focus-group discussions and the analyses followed(More)
BACKGROUND Swedish law entitles asylum seekers to a voluntary health assessment and to "health care that cannot be postponed". The last expression suggests, however, restrictions on the entitlement, and what it may or may not include remains ultimately a decision for health professionals in the specific case. Indeed, the health assessment constitutes the(More)
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