Robert Johan Meier

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Dermatoglyphic prints and salivary samples were taken on a sample of 39 adult males. A statistical relationship between dermatoglyphic asymmetry and adult testosterone levels as measured in saliva was examined for seven dermatoglyphic variables by means of correlation, regression, and analysis of covariance, controlling for age and stature when necessary.(More)
On the basis of earlier findings with Easter Islanders suggesting a positive correlation between dermatoglyphic variables and hand anthropometric measurements, the present study was designed to determine if such a relationship could be generalized to another population, namely, Iñupiat (Eskimo). Since some dermatoglyphic and anthropometric variables were(More)
A sample of 594 Easter Islander palms was analyzed according to the topological method. Some suggestions for clarification of the topological approach were made, including clearer definition of the palmar triradii and substitution of the term "profile" for "formula." The frequency of Easter Islander profiles was compared against British and Australian(More)
The aim of this tutorial review is to convince a broad readership that vibrational spectroscopy, although according to some vibrational spectroscopists seemingly less in focus nowadays than in days past, is far from 'dead'. It may seem to some that infrared and Raman spectroscopy are less in focus than in times past, despite the unique analytical(More)
Hypertension is a major contributor to the global burden of disease and mortality. A major medical advancement would be a better means to ascertain which persons are at higher risk for becoming hypertensive beforehand. To that end, there have been a number of studies showing that certain dermatoglyphic markers are associated with hypertension. This(More)
Now that a composite human genome has been sequenced (HGP), research has accelerated to discover precise genetic bases of several chronic health issues, particularly in the realms of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is anticipated that in the future it will be possible and cost effective to regularly sequence individual genomes, and thereby produce a(More)
First-principles molecular dynamics simulations have recently been found an effective tool to study a large variety of chemical problems. Finite temperature simulations reveal unique information, including explicit dynamical effects and the evaluation of proper free energy differences. Moreover, dynamics simulations reveal information on the flexibility of(More)
The adult Easter Island population was fingerprinted in 1965 as part of an overall study of their human biology. Major findings of the dermatoglyphic analysis are as follows. Digit and bimanuar percentages of patterns (arches, loops, and whorls) were similar to those observed in Europeans. However, in terms of total pattern type distributions, the(More)
The palmar prints of 297 male and female Easter Islanders were analyzed according to the Penrose and Loesch topological classification system. While the frequencies of most pattern elements were not found to differ significantly between the sexes, the placement of the axial triradius was found to be highly significant (P less than 0.01). Both males and(More)