Robert Jeffers

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c We model a United States bioenergy feedstock commodity market. c Three buyers compete for biomass: biopower, biofuels, and foreign exports. c The presented methodology improves on dynamic economic equilibrium theory. c With current policy incentives and ignoring exports, biofuels dominates the market. c Overseas biomass demand could dominate unless a CO(More)
A software simulation tool was developed at Idaho National Laboratory to estimate the fragility of electric substation components subject to an explosive blast. Damage caused by explosively driven fragments on a generic electric substation was estimated by using a ray-tracing technique to track and tabulate fragment impacts and penetrations of substation(More)
We created a cognition-focused system dynamics model to simulate the dynamics of smoking tendencies based on media influences and communication of opinions. We based this model on the premise that the dynamics of attitudes about smoking can be more deeply understood by combining opinion dynamics with more in-depth psychological models that explicitly(More)
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