Robert-Jan Simons

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The focus of this study is to explore the advances that Social Network Analysis (SNA) can bring, in combination with other methods, when studying Networked Learning/ Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (NL/CSCL). We present a general overview of how SNA is applied in NL/CSCL research; we then go on to illustrate how this research method can be(More)
Using a myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) cDNA as probe, a 1kb cDNA was isolated from a human retinal cDNA library. This clone, designated pDM-20, contained all of the coding sequence of PLP except for 105 base pairs which encode amino acids 117-151 of PLP. This deletion would result in a protein of the size of DM-20, the second major proteolipid of Central(More)
Seven pedagogical principles guided the development of a collaborative virtual environment, within an international project called ITCOLE. The progressive inquiry model as a theoretical framework had a large impact on describing these principles. Furthermore, this article describes the two web-based software systems – Synergeia and FLE3 – that were(More)
The aim of this paper is to study the nature of teaching and learning processes in two Networked Learning Communities (NLCs). The study undertakes empirical work using a multi-method approach in order to triangulate and contextualise our findings and enrich our understanding of the student participation in these NLCs. We apply Social Network Analysis (SNA)(More)
INTRODUCTION Better understanding of critically reflective work behavior (CRWB), an approach for work-related informal learning, is important in order to gain more profound insight in the continuing development of health care professionals. METHODS A survey, developed to measure CRWB and its predictors, was distributed to veterinary professionals. The(More)
Several genetic disorders that occur in animals and in humans result in an inability to synthesize normal myelin. Some of these disorders are inherited in an X-linked manner. The localization of the myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) gene to the X chromosome has directed the study of X-linked myelination disorders toward PLP. The myelin-deficient rat is one(More)