Robert James Douglas

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This paper establishes the equivalence of four deenitions of two v ector valued functions being rearrangements, and gives a characterisation of the set of rearrangements of a prescribed function. The theory of monotone rearrangement o f a v ector valued function is used to show the existence and uniqueness of the minimiser of an energy functional arising(More)
A single oral dose of Sodium valproate (VPA) given as Epilim (10 mg/kg) inhibited photoconvulsive responses, especially to 15--30 Hz frequency flicker, in seven out of ten patients with photosensitive epilepsy. In addition, in all patients (with an exception of one) the amplitude of the secondary slow negative wave of the visual evoked potentials was(More)
Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) tract-tracing techniques were used in 44 rats in order to establish the site of decussation of the crossed nigrostriatal projection. Somata in both the ipsilateral and the contralateral ventromedial mesencephalon were labelled after injection of HRP into the caudate nucleus. In agreement with previous studies, contralateral(More)
Following unilateral 6-OHDA induced SN lesion, a transient period of contralateral rotation has been reported to precede the predominant ipsilateral circling. In order to clarify the nature of this initial contralateral rotation we examined the effect of the duration of recovery period after the lesion, on amphetamine-induced rotational behavior. Three days(More)
This paper proves some results concerning the polar factorisation of an integrable vector-valued function u into the composition u = u # • s, where u # = ∇ψ almost everywhere for some convex function ψ, and s is a measure-preserving mapping. Not every integrable function has a polar factorisation; we extend the class of counterexamples. We introduce a(More)
The involvement of the dopaminergic (DA) systems in the control of limbic kindled seizures is ill defined. The effects of kindling on DA activity may have been overlooked in the past, because of its subtle unilateral occurrence and/or the variance of the endogenous imbalance of DA activity in normal animals. In the present study rats were screened for their(More)
Several studies have demonstrated the existence of crossed pathways interconnecting the bilateral extrapyramidal system. The present study has evaluated the role of the thalamus in the interhemispheric control of nigrostriatal function by observing the effect of midsagittal thalamic transection on amphetamine-induced rotation in rats. The effect of thalamic(More)
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