Robert James Douglas

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In three mouse lineages it was found that during the 18- to 60-day interval after formalin fixation, brain weight was inversely proportional to the age at sacrifice, as was the decline in the weight of the brain during this period. In a second study using rat subjects it was confirmed that the aging difference is due to a reduction, in old age, of the(More)
This paper establishes the equivalence of four deenitions of two v ector valued functions being rearrangements, and gives a characterisation of the set of rearrangements of a prescribed function. The theory of monotone rearrangement o f a v ector valued function is used to show the existence and uniqueness of the minimiser of an energy functional arising(More)
A large battery of behavioral tests was administered to normal mice and to mice with varying degrees of otoconial agenesis due to genes affecting vestibular development. Many significant differences were found, but a factor analysis revealed that the variance on the 11 best tests could be accounted for in terms of two underlying variables. Factor I, the(More)
This paper attempts to investigate taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships through an analysis of the distribution of mass within the brain. A multivariate analysis was performed on encephalization ratios for various divisions of the brain, employing volume measurements reported for 63 species by Stephan et al. [1970]. The ratios for each brain region were(More)
INTRODUCTION The sensation of palpitations may either be the initial or the only symptom of cardiac arrhythmia. We describe a case of an apparent clear temporal relationship between standard ibuprofen dosing and palpitations. A review of the medical literature revealed this to be, to the best of our knowledge, the first reported case of this type. CASE(More)
Rats were trained to run a linear runway while hungry for food. Then they were tested for retention, continued performance levels, and extinction after recovery from bilateral damage of the hippocampus, the septal area, or the posterolateral neocortex. Retention losses were observed in animals which had hippocampal or neocortical destruction. Slower running(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma is major cause of morbidity and mortality in India. The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) programme teaches a standardised method for the initial assessment and management of trauma patients, and has been adopted by more than 50 countries worldwide. AIM We sought to assess the theoretical knowledge of ATLS principles among emergency(More)