Robert Jajcay

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The main topic of the paper is the question of the existence of self-complementary Cayley graphs Cay(G; S) with the property S 6 = G # n S for all 2 Aut(G). We answer this question in the positive by constructing an innnite family of self-complementary circulants with this property. Moreover, we obtain a complete classiication of primes p for which there(More)
It is well-known that any nite simple graph ? is an induced sub-graph of some exponentially larger strongly regular graph ? (e.g. 2, 8]). No general polynomial-size construction has been known. For a given-nite simple graph ? on v vertices we present a construction of a strongly regular graph ? on O(v 4) vertices that contains ? as its induced sub-graph. A(More)