Robert JH Jackson

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Adult rats treated IP with domoic acid at 0, 0.22, 0.65, or 1.32 mg/kg were tested for passive avoidance (PA), auditory startle (AS), or conditioned avoidance (CAR) behaviors. Clinical signs were observed only at the 1.32 mg/kg dose level. Within 24 h of dosing, rats surviving a dose of 1.32 mg/kg exhibited transient decreased body weight and exaggerated AS(More)
Chloral hydrate is commonly used to sedate children for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. The drug has been extensively used for many years, but there are remarkably few data on its long-term health effects. Concern in this regard is raised by recent studies showing chloral hydrate to be genotoxic, causing chromosome changes and other effects in vivo(More)
Evidence for the impact of prehospital, physician-delivered advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) on survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is conflicting. The prospective observational study by Yasunaga and co-workers demonstrates an improved survival at 1 month associated with prehospital physician-delivered ACLS over emergency life-saving(More)
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