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Effects of Long‐Term Ungulate Exclusion and Recent Alien Species Control on the Preservation and Restoration of a Hawaiian Tropical Dry Forest
Although the destruction of tropical rain forests receives much attention, tropical dry forests are in general far more threatened and endangered. Eliminating grazing ungulates is often considered aExpand
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Improving the Evaluation of Conservation Programs
The evaluation of conservation programs is rare but increasingly important in improving their ef- fectiveness. Regular evaluations of conservation programs and the implementation of recommendationsExpand
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Reproductive Success Increases with Local Density of Conspecif ics in a Desert Mustard (Lesquerella fendleri)
We investigated the effects of plant density on reproduction for an insect-pollinated desert mustard ( Lesquerella fendleri (Brassicaceae)). Individual reproductive success, as measured by seeds perExpand
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Effects of microsite, water, weeding, and direct seeding on the regeneration of native and alien species within a Hawaiian dry forest preserve
Abstract Tropical dry forests are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world in general and in Hawaii in particular. To investigate the regeneration ecology of native and alien dry forestExpand
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Do surface plant and soil seed bank populations differ genetically? A multipopulation study of the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri (Brassicaceae).
Seed banks are an important component of many plant populations, but few empirical studies have investigated the genetic relationship between soil seeds and surface plants. We compared the geneticExpand
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Science‐Driven Restoration: A Square Grid on a Round Earth?
Is formal science necessarily an effective framework and methodology for designing and implementing ecological restoration programs? My experience as an ecologist in Hawaii suggests that even whenExpand
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Effects of light, alien grass, and native species additions on hawaiian dry forest restoration
Alien species invasions have already caused substantial ecological and eco- nomic damage and will likely have even greater negative consequences in the future. Thus, it is imperative to improve ourExpand
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  • Robert J. Cabin
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  • Evolution; international journal of organic…
  • 1 October 1996
Soil seed banks may accumulate and store seed genotypes produced over many seasons. If germination and establishment of these soil seeds are influenced by seed genotypes, then seed bank and seedlingExpand
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Alien Plant Invasions, Introduced Ungulates, and Alternative States in a Mesic Forest in Hawaii
Restoration by natural successional processes after removal of perturbations may not be feasible for many degraded ecosystems. Controlling major ecological threats such as non-native ungulates isExpand
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Can Dormancy Affect the Evolution of Post‐Germination Traits? The Case of Lesquerella Fendleri
Seed dormancy, which is thought to have evolved in response to unpredictable environmental variability, has led to the existence of seed banks-populations of dormant, viable seeds in the soil. SeedExpand
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